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Housing for Newcomers to Canada

Jan 5, 2011

Blog posted by Kathryn (Kathi) E. Norton Views (92302)

Most newcomers to Canada find information on the internet about housing. CMHC has developed a site, available in 8 different languages, that offers new Canadians a one-stop online place for housing-related information. If you are new to Canada, and would like to... [ read more ]

ADT Monitored Home Security

Feb 25, 2010

Blog posted by Kathryn (Kathi) E. Norton Views (4294)

Who will protect your family while you sleep? (ARA) - When things go "bump" in the night, waking you from a deep sleep, you may be uneasy about your safety as you get out of bed to check on the noise and your family. And when you close your door to leave... [ read more ]

Solar Panel Info

Feb 25, 2010

Blog posted by Kathryn (Kathi) E. Norton Views (8189)

Buy solar panels to save money and get tax breaks (ARA) - Many people consider buying solar panels because they are friendly to the earth and help them save money on their monthly bills. These are both great reasons, but there's another motive for buying solar... [ read more ]

Hot Tubs!

Feb 25, 2010

Blog posted by Kathryn (Kathi) E. Norton Views (4284)

Cut through the clutter and get the best hot tub!! (ARA) - Hot tubs can also be a great way to entertain, allowing family members and guests to socialize in a comfortable atmosphere. But hot tubs are expensive and take a lot of time to maintain, right? That... [ read more ]

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